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Blu Genius is a portal for legacy COBOL-to-cloud migration powered by Blu Age Velocity, which manages and fully automates the like-for-like transformation of languages, databases, and files system into a digital & cloud-ready architecture.

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Blu Genius is powered by Blu Age Velocity, a state-of-the-art modernization engine for transforming COBOL applications and their VSAM databases (IMS, CA-Datacom, and DB2 are also supported) into a modern Java/JavaScript application relying on proven frameworks such as Angular and Spring, with the same features and behavior than in the legacy. Where other code transformation solutions produce procedural-influenced Java or JOBOL, Blu Age solutions produce truly modern applications reflecting service-oriented architecture and true object-oriented programming making future maintenance ready for DevOps.

Using Blu Genius to migrate your mainframe applications to AWS gives your organization the ability to embrace modern digital technologies, cloud elasticity, and AWS best-in-class services; reduces your reliance on legacy human resources; and eliminates the costly runtime costs of legacy technologies. AWS further allows you to avoid costly hardware capital expenditures associated with private cloud solutions and replace them with manageable operating expenses.

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About Blu Age in two minutes

Blu Age is a leading software vendor focusing on legacy software modernization. Our Velocity technology automatically transforms applications and data from rigid legacy environments - in either procedural (Cobol, VME, Pacbase, CoolGen, PL1, Natural, RPG… ) or client/server (PowerBuilder, VB, Delphi…) languages - to modern cloud environments, taking advantage of today's open source and service-oriented architectures.

Our solutions have been used in over 20 countries to transform several hundred million lines of code into modern, object-oriented Java. With a number of solutions to fit various modernization needs, Blu Age revitalizes legacy applications more quickly and efficiently than any other modernization platform. If your organization wants to get rid of mainframe technologies, such as COBOL, PL/1, VSAM and IMS, try Blu Age Velocity for free on the Blu Genius portal, the fastest and most efficient way to migrate to AWS Cloud with a modern architecture.

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